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WVC Miami is a new smoke shop and CBD store in Miami, Florida. Invigor Design Group in Washington D.C. was handling the design work for the new store and went online to find some inspiration for the interior logo sign. While they were on Pinterest, they came across photos of a lobby sign we made for Microblading LA in Woodland Hills, California. You can check out the blog and photos of the Microblading LA sign here. Pinterest is a great place to get inspiration and make digital mood/inspiration boards, but we can also link pins to our website so if someone is interested in getting a similar sign we’ve made in the past, they can go straight to our website and contact us for a quote.

As we are in Chatsworth, California, we made the sign and shipped it to the store location to be installed. Modeling the sign after the Microblading LA sign worked out perfectly because as you can see from the photos, they had a similar interior wall that the sign was going to be mounted onto. While Microblading used black acrylic with white LEDs, WVC Miami’s sign uses white acrylic with blue LEDs. We can get standard LEDs in white, red, blue, and green. Using blue LEDs behind the white acrylic worked great. If we had used white LEDs or no LEDs at all, it would have been white letters on a white wall and there wouldn’t have been any contrast.

A lobby sign is great for any business, whether you are a retail store, restaurant, office, or a dentist’s office. We make many different types of lobby signs for many businesses to help with branding and interior decor. Give us a call today to get started on your custom interior lobby sign.