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Armorcast is a manufacturer that has its headquarters right around the corner from us in Chatsworth, California. They reached out to us for some exterior and interior logo signage so we painted the logo on the outside along with the address number, and made them an acrylic dimensional letter lobby sign for the interior.

They didn’t feel the need to have a 3-dimensional building sign which is why they decided to have it painted. We matched the paint color based on the colors in their logo file. The address numbers were also painted and we used the light blue color from the logo so the signs would match. The interior lobby sign was also painted, but no directly onto the wall like the exterior signs. For the lobby sign, the logo and letters were flat-cut from 3/8″ thick acrylic, and the pieces were painted PMS 655 or PMS 299 accordingly. Painting is the best option for signs with solid colors like this one because the front and sides all get painted one color. If you are set on having a specific color we can print it, however, we do not apply vinyl to the sides so the sides will just be whatever acrylic color is used. We can try to paint the sides to match, but it is highly unlikely that we will be able to find a paint color that matches the digitally printed color, and at that point, you might as well paint the whole thing. Digital prints are perfect for instances where there are multiple colors on one piece, there is a gradient, or a specific pattern that we just can’t recreate with paint.

Paint is used a lot in signage, whether it is being used to paint a backer panel, to paint a logo directly onto the exterior wall, or to paint 3-dimensional pieces for a sign.