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SensoScientific is an electronics manufacturer in Simi Valley, California who found us online while they were looking for a sign company to make them a lobby sign for their office. The sign was to go above a doorway that was 4′ x 14′. While we were going over sign design options, it was decided that custom acrylic dimensional letters would be used as they wanted the logo to be 3-dimensional, and having the two different colors was important. Acrylic dimensional letters can be installed directly onto the wall, or onto a backer panel. While going over the different options, they came across another logo sign we made for Ansell which was an acrylic dimensional letter sign that was mounted onto a white acrylic backer panel, which was then mounted to a brushed sibond backer panel. They liked this look and asked us to design something similar for their sign.

The logo was routed from 1/4″ thick acrylic that was custom painted to match their logo colors. The letters were mounted onto a 24″ x 86″ x 1/4″ white acrylic backer panel with VHB and silicone which was mounted to a 32″ x 94″ x 3mm brushed aluminum sibond backer panel. The entire sign was mounted into the drywall with six standoffs. Ansell was a smaller sign which is why we only used four standoffs. This sign needed more support as it was heavier.

We typically use acrylic for signs that need to be custom painted because it is a durable plastic and is a good base to be painted any color. It also comes in standard colors like white which is easy to make for signs because we just need to order the acrylic sheet and cut it down to size. Sibond is a polycarbonate sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum. It is a great alternative to solid aluminum as it is not as expensive but you still get the metal look.