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Olive Branch is an assisted living facility located in Northridge, California. They are not located right off of the street, but the building is behind other businesses so they wanted to add a sign in the entryway to help people find the location. Before you enter the parking lot and see the main monument sign, there is a  wall that can be seen from the Wells Fargo and Chase parking lots when you drive into the parking lot from Balboa Blvd. This wall is much more visible than the main monument sign so they decided to put a sign there.

As you can see from the photos, the sign includes the address number, the business name, and a description of what the facility is. The business name is the most important piece of information on the sign, but the address numbers are also very helpful because many people will look for the address number along with a business name to make sure that they are in the right place. Since the building is accessed from other parking lots, it is also a good idea to put a brief description of what the business is to advertise to those who just happen to be driving by.

The sign didn’t need to be illuminated so we went with non-illuminated exterior dimensional letters. They wanted a metal look but didn’t necessarily need to use metal so we decided to use a gold-colored acrylic. Acrylic comes in many standard colors, including metallic gold, so it is a material that we use very frequently for signage. If the entrance to your business is not easy to see, it is smart to invest in an exterior sign. The new sign looks great and is sure to help them advertise the location while helping people who are looking for the location find it easily.