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Refined Sight is a print shop located in New York that reached out to us after finding us online. Their client, nuveen, was opening a new office in the Century City neighborhood of Los Angeles and they were looking for a local sign company that could manufacture and install metal dimensional letter signs. As Refined Sight already had all of the renderings, measurements, and specifications because they were the ones that designed the signs, quoting the job was fairly easy. We often make signs for other sign companies or print shops if they need something that they cannot manufacture themselves. In this case, we were closer to the installation site so it made more sense for Refined Sight to have us make and install the metal signs instead of having them made on the east coast and shipped over. Since we have the ability to make channel letter signs in house, we will also often manufacture channel letter signs for other companies.

Refined Sight was already making the vinyl signs themselves which include the large “n” on the same wall as the “Santa Barbara” sign but the metal signs were done by us. nuveen has two floors in an office building so we made two elevator lobby signs to indicate which businesses were located on that floor. We also made a reception area logo sign and multiple wall signs throughout the suites.

Brand identity is important and repeating your logo throughout your office is a great way to customize your space. The elevator signs immediately let people know that they’re in the right place and walking through the suite, it is easy to see that the entire area is dedicated to nuveen. The elevator signs were made from brushed aluminum plaques that have recessed lettering that was then infilled with black paint. The rest of the signs are brushed aluminum dimensional letters.