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nuveen is an investment management company that is now occupying two floors of a large office building in Culver City. Refined Sight, a print shop in New York, was handing their signage for them and they reached out to us to manufacture and install some signs as we were closer to the location. Culver City is just a short drive from our shop location in Chatsworth. Since Refined Sight is a print shop, they took care of the vinyl signs and had them sent over to nuveen’s new office, but what they needed our help with was the aluminum signs. The dimensional letter signs are made from 1/2″ thick aluminum and we made a total of four along with six aluminum plaques so shipping them across the country would have been a lot in freight costs. Instead, they went online to look for a local sign company that could manufacture the signs they were looking for, and they found us.

Refined Sight did all of the designs so they provided us with all of the dimensions and specifications and all we had to do was make and install the signs. We made two sets of the elevator lobby signs because they occupy two floors of the building. Each plaque is its own separate rectangular piece that is 7.75” x 21.75” x 1/8″. The aluminum has a brushed finish and the lettering is infilled black. Elevator lobby signs are great for an office building with multiple businesses as tenants because they can help people visiting know right away whether or not they are on the right floor.

The different aluminum dimensional letters were installed throughout the two floors onto interior walls. To make brushed aluminum dimensional letters, we first start with a sheet of brushed aluminum. In this case, the sheet was 1/2″ thick. The letters are laid out and routed on the aluminum sheet to use the space as efficiently as possible. One challenge we run into is that with brushed aluminum, we have to make sure that all of the letters have the same grain direction so we can’t rotate a letter 90 degrees to make it fit onto the sheet like we do with acrylic letters or polished aluminum. After the letters are routed, they are tapped with studs for installation.