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Del Amo Construction is a company that we’ve worked with for years helping out with ADA signage among other signs. Their client, Arts in Action Charter School, was relocating so they were in need of new signs. New buildings or buildings being renovated that are for public use require ADA signage to pass fire inspection. The school also wanted to add some exterior signs to go on the building to identify the new location. Both ADA signs and exterior signs need to go through some sort of approval process. Exterior signs require a permit and in order to secure a permit, we require approval from the customer, landlord, and the city, in that order. While ADA signs do not require a permit, they still need to be up to code to pass fire inspection.

The architect on the project provided us with the designs, and it was our job to make sure that both sign types would be up to code. Regarding the ADA signs, we started a list of necessary signs before the colors were determined, but we started the submittals and proofs so we could get started on any necessary revisions. Submittals are the equivalent of proofs, but for ADA signs. A month after the first submittals, the architect decided on colors for the ADA signs. From the photos, you can see that we went with a gray background with white lettering.

When we received the details for the exterior signs, the plan was to make both sets of signs reverse-lit. However, the entrance sign was going to be too far away from the wall for the LEDs to illuminate properly so we suggested keeping the sign non-illuminated. Our reverse-lit signs are typically spaced off of the wall by 1 1/2″ to make sure that the lighting is spread out evenly. We also ended up adding a backer panel to the sign that was installed on the building for electricity access. The area behind the sign was a classroom so we couldn’t install a raceway inside, so we put it on the outside and painted it to match the building wall.