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A while back, we posted a blog about the interior signs we made for University Hall at Loyola Marymount. You can check out the blog here. During the first part of the sign project, the Marketing & Communications University Advancement was being renovated. This time, they were renovating suites 4900 and 2302 so they were in need of more signs, some that were new designs and some with the same designs as the previous room ID signs, but with different room numbers and room names.

Aside from the required signs, we also made a couple of different interior signs. Like the Marketing & Communications University Advancement Department, we also made an acrylic dimensional letter sign for the Finance Division. This sign was also a white acrylic sign that was installed on a wall. We also made a window graphic from etched vinyl to identify suite 4900, and a changeable message window ADA sign for suite 2302.

The office IDs were installed on different cubicles, and there is a slot for interchangeable information. Rooms such as Conference Rooms or Pantry are not likely to change so this information is put on in a permanent way. However, the employee sitting at the cubicle may change so instead of putting their name permanently on the sign in raised lettering and Braille. The room number or office ID is not likely to change, so this information is permanent also.

While we were working on the permanent signs, we made and installed a set of temporary signs so the fire inspector could approve the signs and sign placement before the permanent signs were ready. This also helps us in case the inspector requires any changes. However, there can still be changes that are necessary after the final signs are completed. For example, we remade the “Storage”, one of the “Pantry” signs, and a “Copy Room” sign because the room numbers were changed after production. With renovations or new construction, changes like this can happen so contractors like us need to be flexible to make necessary changes.