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Several months back, we completed the signage for a renovation done at University Hall at Loyola Marymount University. We were contracted for more signs recently because they were renovating two more suites so they were in need of more signage. Loyola Marymount University was working with Del Amo Construction for their renovation. We have worked with Del Amo Construction for years with sign projects which is why we were considered for this new project. Along with necessary Braille signs such as office ID signs, room ID signs, and exit route signs, we also made suite identification signs and an interior dimensional letter sign. For uniformity, the ADA signs were made in the same exact way as the other signs we made for them. The backer panel is 1/4″ thick brushed aluminum, there is a 3/16″ thick polished acrylic accent bar, and a 1/8″ thick spacer/backer. Per sign code, the tactile copy is 1/32″ thick and we used California grade II Braille rasters. The Braille is stainless steel.

The suite identification signs were different for each suite. For suite 4900, we made a window graphic from etched vinyl. For suite 2302, we made a raised letter sign with Braille that has a window for changeable information. The sign is comprised of two sheets of 1/16″ thick sheets of acrylic. The first sheet of acrylic is clear and the back is painted black with the exception of a rectangle so whatever is put into the sign can be seen through the window. Between the two sheets of acrylic, we installed a .060 thick spacer to leave a little bit of space between the panels.

Lastly, we made an acrylic dimensional letter sign for the Finance Division. Acrylic comes in white, however, they wanted a matte finish so we painted the acrylic letters matte white. The acrylic itself is 1/4″ thick and the letters were mounted to the wall using VHB and silicone.