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The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) is a labor union that represents over 140.000 technicians, artisans, and craftspersons in the entertainment industry which includes live theater, movie and T.V. production, and trade shows. They were working with one of our existing customers, Warner Constructors, to remodel a building for their new West Coast office. They were completely redoing the exterior and interior and were also in need of some exterior and interior signs.

As they are a public building, they needed ADA signs. Depending on the building, different types of ADA signs are required. For this building, we made six Exit Route signs, five Exit Stairs Down signs, two sets each of Women and Men’s Restroom signs, 5 sets of Unisex Restroom signs, and a Maximum Occupancy sign. All of these signs were required for ADA compliance. During the project, they decided to add two more interior signs which were two plaques, one with information about the building and a directory sign. These plaques were not for ADA compliance, it was just something that the client wanted to provide information about the building and to help identify what could be found on different floors.

For the exterior sign, we made a sign that read “IATSE” and address numbers to identify the building and to help people find the location. People will use both the address number and the business name to find a business location for the first time, so it is important to have both displayed. Initially, both exterior signs were going to be reverse-lit channel letters, however, the main “IATSE” sign was changed to a non-illuminated reverse channel letter sign because it was going to be spaced too far off the wall.

The remodeled building looks great inside and out, and the exterior signs are sure to help people find the new location.