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We’ve worked with Beverlywood Homes Association in the past when they needed signage for Circle Park, a park in Beverlywood. You can check out the past blogs for the new letters for the monument sign and numerous signs around the park by following the links. Beverlywood Homes Association reached out to us recently because they wanted to update the neighborhood identification signs that were installed around the neighborhood. The existing signs had been up for a while and were in need of an update. We made a total of 22 signs total, 2 signs each for 11 different locations.

These signs are made from MDO panels and vinyl. MDO stands for medium density overlay. It is a paintable substrate made from plywood. For these signs, the MDO was painted white. The plywood has a weather-resistant resin overlay which makes it great for exterior signs. For the faces of the signs, we used a dark green vinyl approved by the client, and white vinyl for the border and lettering. We prefer to use pre-colored vinyl as opposed to digital prints for exterior signs because the colors in a digital print will start to fade much quicker compared to pre-colored vinyl, even if we do use a high-end laminate. We laminated these signs with anti-graffiti laminate per the customer’s request. Anti-graffiti laminate can help cleaning up graffiti easier if you’re able to get to it quickly, however, if the paint has been sitting on the surface for a while, it can still be difficult to get it off.

Along with the new sign panels, we also gave the posts an update. The original posts were plain, round, metal posts. To give them a higher end look, we put square vinyl sleeves over the posts and topped them off with round finials. There are many ways to update existing signs without having to do a lot of removal.