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COAST is an apartment complex located in Redondo Beach, California. They were remodeling and asked their Designer, Francois Collective, to design a new monument sign. A monument sign is a sign that is mounted into the ground, typically outside of a building. COAST Apartments is at the end of a block so they have the luxury of taking up the entire side of the block that faces the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). They wanted to put a new monument sign on the corner of PCH and Camino de las Colinas so the sign could be seen easily from oncoming traffic.

Francois Collective was looking for a company that could take on the job online and reached out to us after finding us on Yelp. They provided us with some inspiration photos and what the customer wanted out of the sign. The final design was this synthetic stucco monument sign. As you can see from the photos, the name of the apartment is made from dimensional lettering and we added zip tracks for changeable information.

A high-quality sign gives a good impression of the apartment complex while advertising to potential new tenants. The zip tracks allow them to display information that is constantly changing, such as the types of units that are available. They’re also able to display their contact information in case someone wants to call to get more information or go to the website to learn more about the apartment complex and get more information about the available units.

Many different businesses can benefit from monument signs for many different reasons. Large office buildings can use monument signs to display the address and list all of the businesses that are in that building. Monument Signs are also very popular for shopping centers to list all of the tenants in that plaza.