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Tri-City Dental Care is a dentist located in Cerritos. They were in need of signs for their office and we were referred to them by Peterson Design. They had space behind their reception desk so they were interested in getting an interior wall sign, commonly called a lobby sign, with their new logo. A lobby sign or reception desk sign is a great way to personalize your interior. Instead of having blank walls or generic artwork, it is much better to have custom signs made with your logo. Repeating your logo at your business is great for brand recognition, especially if you are a business that has many visitors such as a dentist’s office.

Many dentists will also use interior signage to help with social media. Since many clients will want to take a photo of their pearly whites, what better backdrop to have than your company logo? Social media marketing is getting very popular with all types of businesses, and photos with clients are great content.

Tri-City Dental Care has a storefront, but an interior sign is also a great way to identify your business if you are in an office building and don’t have space for a storefront sign. When a patient is coming in for the first time, they can be sure that they are in the right place by looking at the lobby sign. Signs like this are typically installed in the first room that a visitor will enter, whether it is a lobby, waiting area, or reception area. In instances where there is not sufficient wall space, we have also installed logo signs directly onto the front desk or reception desk.

Are you looking for an interior logo sign for your business? Call us today to get started on your custom lobby sign. Our signs are completely customizable to make sure that they look great with the rest of your interior.