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Porter Ranch Pharmacy was looking for a local sign company and reached out to us after finding us online. They wanted a new channel letter sign for the storefront and some window graphics. They already had existing window graphics, but wanted to add more to the door glass. They already knew exactly what they wanted for the main channel letter sign, which was their logo on the left and “PHARMACY” on the right. In many cases, a business will make their service or what they sell the main point of the sign rather than the business name. In Porter Ranch Pharmacy’s case, the word “pharmacy” was already part of their business name so they decided to emphasize it for the sign for better advertising. When looking at storefronts, you will commonly see signs that say “CHINESE” or “DENTAL” with the logo smaller next to it. Sometimes, a logo isn’t even included at all. If someone were to drive by this business, they will be able to see right away that there is a pharmacy there.

The existing window graphics listed a few services, but Porter Ranch Pharmacy wanted to add more information. Many storefronts will consist mostly of glass so it’s smart to take advantage of this advertising space that you have. Many retail stores will hang images from the inside of the store or set up displays. You can also just apply graphics directly onto the glass which is what we did with these door graphics. The business name and logo are very important to have, and many businesses will display their contact information and hours. If someone happens to come by after hours, they can see when they can come back if the hours are displayed, and they can call or visit the website for more information.