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We make signs for new businesses all the time, but we also often update existing signs. A Supercuts store in Culver City reached out to us because the “E” in their sign was completely out on their storefront sign, and a couple of the letters to the left of the “E” were starting to dim. Instead of LEDs, the channel letters were being illuminated by fluorescent lighting. The owner of the store decided to upgrade to LEDs, and while we were going to be up there, they had us do an LED retrofit on a secondary sign they had on the awning, and replace the faces and trimcap for all of the letters on both signs.

Before LEDs became the industry standard, signs were illuminated with fluorescent bulbs, and before that, it was neon. As technology progresses, we are able to find more and more efficient ways to internally illuminate signs. LEDs can not only provide a more even lighting, but they are also more energy-efficient so you save money in the long run on your electricity bill. With the sign not lighting properly, Supercuts decided that it was a great opportunity to do an LED retrofit. If your sign is flickering or only partially lit, it doesn’t give a good impression of your business. For a business that has visitors, your exterior signs are very important for advertising and representing your business.

Depending on the material used, signs can also fade or crack over time which does not look good. These channel letter signs had been up for a while so it was a great opportunity to update the faces. These are front-lit channel letter faces so we were able to remove the faces easily and replace them with new ones that we made at our shop.