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The Foursquare Church reached out to us for some interior signage. They already knew what they wanted the signs to look like and even had an image of the layout of the sign which made the design process very easy for us. We had them measure the wall and send photos over so we could scale the sign based on the wall dimensions and the sign mockup they provided. Once we had the size figured out, we needed to figure out how we were going to make the sign. In the designs, fabricated brushed metal letters and logos were called out. Fabricated letters refer to channel letters which are hollow metal letters made that way so they can be deeper than dimensional letters that are routed from a sheet of material. We offer dimensional letters up to 1″ deep. Anything deeper than that, we would make channel letters for. Our channel letters go up to 5″ deep. After speaking with the client regarding how deep they needed the letters to be, we decided to go with dimensional letters because they didn’t need the letters to be that deep.

As you can see from the side photos, the letters are 3-dimensional, but not too thick. The logo was made from 1/4″ thick brushed aluminum and the arrow and “Reception” were made from 1/4″ thick black acrylic. 1/4″ is a good depth for interior signs when you want depth but it doesn’t need to be too dramatic. These letters were mounted flush to the wall using VHB and silicone. Flush mounted letters are mounted flush to the wall so there is no space between the letter and the wall. Another mounting option is to mount the letters with spacers so they are floating off of the wall a little bit. This creates more dimension and can also create a nice shadow depending on your interior lighting.