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Vinco Builders is a general contractor who was working with JFC Bandini on one of their warehouses. They needed ADA signs for the building so they reached out to us after finding us online. ADA signs have very important specifications so we often get hired as a contractor just for ADA signage as part of a larger construction or renovation project. The ADA signs we made for JFC’s warehouse consisted of exit signs, exit route signs, room identification signs, restroom signs, and dock number signs. Most of these signs require Braille and raised text. The reason that you would want to go through a custom sign company for your ADA signs is so you can have more control over the colors, sizes, and font. There are some signs that have set sizes and colors, but for many, you can get more personalized.

As you can see from the photos, the theme of the signs we made for the warehouse was brushed aluminum and black. This is a very popular material and color combination for signage because it goes with many different color schemes and materials such as the glass and painted drywall that we installed these signs onto. The background color of the signs need to be made from non-glare material and the copy needs to be a contrasting color from the background. As long as we follow these guidelines, there are many different color combinations we can offer to match your logo colors or interior design.

Another reason you want to hire a sign company for your ADA signs is for the installation. We offer design, manufacturing, and installation because there are regulations regarding the placement of signs depending on the sign type. If your signs are not up to code in regards to design or placement, you will not pass your fire inspection causing delays in opening.