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Grafskoy Hindeloopen Limited is an architecture firm in Santa Barbara that we have worked with for numerous projects. Smart Office Interiors in Goleta was a project that they were working on and we assisted them with some exterior signage. The building has many entrances for different businesses and suite numbers so we made signage to identify each entrance. Room and suite identification signs are crucial for any multi-room building. Identification signs are everywhere, but you only notice when they’re not there. If you were to come to visit this building in Goleta and there was no signage, you would have no way of knowing which door you want to enter.

The signs we made for the glass doors were brushed aluminum vinyl with the logos digitally printed onto white vinyl and contour cut. The signs that just have black lettering were not digitally printed, we used black vinyl. The Smart Office Interiors sign on the door was a sibond sign. Like the vinyl graphics, the logo was digitally printed and contour cut but it was just applied to sibond instead of brushed aluminum vinyl. Vinyl works great for glass but does not stick on a painted door so we used sibond which is more rigid, and can be mounted with very high bonding (VHB) tape and silicone glue.