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A few years back we featured an illuminated lobby sign we made for Wallis Annenberg Petspace in Playa Vista, California. The sign came out great, and we were contacted to make another sign, this time for the exterior of the building. They already had monument signs at the corner of the street and at the entrance of the parking lot, but they wanted to add another one at the walkway entrance. The existing signs were not illuminated, but the new one we made is a push-thru acrylic letter sign.

Push-thru acrylic letter signs are named so because the 3-dimensional components of the sign are routed from the backer panel and the acrylic letters and pieces are pushed through the back. This is different from just mounting acrylic letters onto a sign face because the internal illumination comes through the acrylic. To match the logo colors, we laid different colors of translucent vinyl on the faces. The result is a neon-like glow that will help identify the location at nighttime as well as in the daytime.

Even if your business is not open after sunset, an illuminated exterior sign is beneficial because you can advertise 24/7. Lighted signs stand out much better at nighttime, especially when it’s not as busy. Monument signs, in particular, can be seen from the street so anyone driving past will be able to see what business occupies the building.

There are many different types of monument signs that we manufacture aside from illuminated can signs like this one. We also make internally illuminated cabinet signs with interchangeable faces, non-illuminated stucco signs, reader board LED signs, and more! Give us a call today at 818-349-7400 to get started on your custom monument sign for your business.