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Monument signs are mounted into the ground, usually near the sidewalk so they can be seen from the street. All exterior signs need to be permitted, but the permitting process for monument signs takes longer than building signs due to the fact that more work is needed to make sure that we can dig in that specific spot, and it’s a much more permanent structure.

The monument sign we made for Wallis Annenberg PetSpace was a double-sided illuminated box sign with push-thru letters. Illuminated monument signs and illuminated signs in general work great because you can see the information at nighttime. An illuminated sign is very useful to a business that is open later as a restaurant, but regardless of whether or not your business is open after sunset, having a sign that can be seen all night is great for advertising.

The box part of the sign is made from aluminum that is powder-coated white. The letters and logo are routed out of the aluminum and also routed out of 1/2″ acrylic. The clear acrylic pieces are pushed through the back of the aluminum face, hence the name of the sign type. The box is then internally illuminated so the light shines through the acrylic. To have the sign illuminate different colors, we apply different colors of translucent vinyl to the faces. For this sign, we used both 3M and Oracal vinyl.

Lastly, the bottom part of the sign with the address is a metal skirt. It is made from aluminum that is powder-coated black, and 3/8″ thick, white acrylic dimensional letters were mounted flush with studs.