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Post Alarm Systems is a security system provider in Arcadia, California. They were rebranding and needed to update their signs so they reached out to us after they were referred to us by an existing customer of ours. They had an existing sign that was on the building above the entryway that we replaced with a new channel letter sign. The logo is a trimcap-less compound channel letter sign and “Post” is made from reverse-lit channel letters.

Channel letters can be front-lit where the light comes out of the faces or reverse-lit where the light comes out of the back and shines onto the wall. When a channel letter is both front-lit and reverse-lit, we call it a compound channel letter sign. It is very common to make black lettering in a logo into reverse-lit channel letters since black does not illuminate. Depending on where the sign is going, some companies will make the letters white instead to illuminate them, but black reverse-lit channel letters are a classic choice that works for many different sign areas. They wanted the logo to be reverse-lit as well to match, but since the logo had colors that they wanted to be seen at nighttime, we made that portion of the sign both front-lit and reverse-lit.

To match the logo colors, we digitally printed the colors onto translucent vinyl. The faces of the channel letter logos are made from translucent white acrylic and we install white LEDs inside so the light shines through the acrylic and digitally printed vinyl.

For both the compound and reverse-lit channel letters, the backs are made from clear Lexan which is a UL-listed polycarbonate and the sign was installed spaced off of the wall so the white light from the LEDs also shines back onto the building wall.