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Lobby signs are popular with all businesses, especially if you have a type of business that has clients coming into the building such as a restaurant or a medical office. Post Alarm in Arcadia was updating their logo and had us create a new channel letter sign for them. While we were at it, we updated their lobby sign with the new logo.

There are many different styles of lobby signs but when it comes to non-illuminated signs, the two main categories are dimensional letter signs and acrylic backer signs. As you can see from the photos, the sign we made was a dimensional letter sign. Sometimes we will choose one or the other depending on the sign area, and sometimes it is just up to personal taste. The existing sign was a dimensional letter sign so we decided to go with the same style.

The design of the logo for the sign was determined by the branding guide provided to us. Some companies need to adhere to a branding guide for any instance they have the logo displayed. This is very helpful to us because it makes the design process go very quickly as the customer themselves don’t have to make too many decisions. For example, rather than the client having to find the best paint color we should use to match their logo color, it was already called out in the branding guide.

The sign was made from 1/4″ thick black acrylic and the two different colors in the logo were custom painted. The UL symbol that we needed to include in the sign was made from 1/4″ thick white acrylic and black vinyl. The letters were installed using a pattern and very high bonding (VHB) tape and silicone.