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MacVaugh & Co. is a commercial real estate firm based in Pasadena, California. They have many properties in Pasadena ranging from industrial, office, restaurant, and retail properties. One of their office buildings needed some ADA signage so they were looking for a sign company online. We quoted them for standard ADA signs which include suite number signs, room ID signs, evacuation maps, exit stairs down signs, stair ID signs, floor ID signs, and restroom signs. You can see the evacuation maps and the restroom signs pictured here.

Modern signage has moved past the standard blue background with white copy. Bright blue signs can clash with the rest of your decor. As long as the background and copy are contrasting so they can be read easily, we can customize your signage to almost any color you want. For this office building, we made brushed aluminum signs with black copy. The evacuation maps also include red and green copy to highlight where you are, the exit route, the location of the fire extinguisher, and the location of the fire alarm pull. The signs are made from 1/4″ thick brushed aluminum.

Many ADA signs such as suite number signs, room ID signs, and floor ID signs require Braille, but the evacuation maps and the restroom signs do not. Evacuation maps are mostly visual which is why Braille translation isn’t required. A building is required to have exit stair signs and floor ID signs with Braille and raised copy for those with visual impairment.

Restroom signs on the walls require Braille, but the ones on the doors do not. This is because it is dangerous to have Braille on something that moves like a door. If the door is opened while someone is reading the sign, they could get hurt. Instead, the signs on the doors are just for visual identification and there are separate signs with Braille and raised copy that get installed 9″ on center from the door frame on the side of the door that opens, and 60″ on center from the floor so they are both eye-level, and easy to find once you find the door.