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patient room number sign restroom sign with braille Glendora Community Hospital was working with B.R. & Co, a construction company that is also based in Glendora, California, for their Geriatric Psychiatric Services Unit. We worked alongside B.R. & Co. for the ADA signage needed for the unit. A majority of the signs were room identification signs. There are many different rooms inside of a hospital that serves many different purposes so it is important that the rooms can be identified easily. The signs also need to be up to code so they have raised copy and Braille for the visually impaired. We also made exit route signs, restroom signs, and maximum occupancy signs for them. The exit route signs and the restroom signs also have raised copy and Braille. ADA stands for Americans with Disabilities Act and a building cannot pass fire inspection if its signs are not up to code which is why a sign company is typically hired to handle the ADA signage to make sure that everything is up to code.

unisex restroom door signnurse's station room id signFor legibility, there are also requirements on font style, and the signs need to be made from non-glare acrylic. Especially for the exit route signs, they need to be easy to read quickly. On top of the sign design, the placement of the signs is also important. This is why we see the project through from manufacturing to installation.

Due to the fact that the signs were for a psychiatric facility, there were a few specifications we needed to adhere to on top of the regular specifications for ADA-compliant signage. All of the signs needed to have beveled edges rounded corners, and be tamper-proof. This is the reason why you can see visible screws and they look different from normal screws. Our ADA signs are typically installed with VHB and silicone so you don’t see any of the mounting hardware.