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reverse-lit-channel-letter-sign reverse-lit-channel-letter-signWe previously blogged about the interior and exterior signs we did at Arts in Action Charter Elementary School. For the exterior signs, we had made reverse channel letter signs. Shortly after, we started working on another project, Arts in Action Community Middle School. They were fans of the reverse channel letter sign so we made them another one for the middle school. The sign was installed on the existing awning. It is internally illuminated so they’re reverse-lit channel letters, also referred to as halo-lit channel letters. Typically, the LEDs inside of reverse-lit channel letters reflect off of the wall to create the halo effect. However, these are pretty far from the wall because they are on the edge of the awning. To make sure that the LEDs had something to reflect off of, we installed back panels behind the letters. The back panels were made in the same shape as the letters, just slightly larger to account for the light dispersion. They were made from .090 aluminum and painted with brushed aluminum paint.

reverse-lit-channel-letter-signreverse-lit-channel-letter-signThe channel letters themselves are brushed aluminum. The faces and returns are made from brushed aluminum and the backs are made from clear Lexan, which is a UL-approved polycarbonate that we use for all of our reverse-lit channel letters. The channel letters were spaced off of the back panels by 1″ and bolted, and the back panels were welded to the bottom raceway. The raceway was painted to match the channel letter signs.

Brushed aluminum is a great choice for signage because it goes with many different colors. The building features different colors so the silver sign is perfect for creating a neutral color while having a high-end look.

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