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black reverse-lit channel letters that read address number "1333" black reverse-lit channel letters that read address number "1333" Reverse-lit channel letters are internally illuminated metal can signs that are solid with the exception of the back so the LEDs shine back onto the wall or whatever surface the signs are installed onto. For this address number sign, we started with routing the faces from .090 aluminum. We are a custom manufacturer so we can use any font you desire, as long as the stroke of the character is thick enough so LEDs can fit inside of the channel letter. Using the faces as a guide, we bend the returns for the letters. For this sign, we used 3.5″ deep returns which makes the sign 3.5″ deep overall. The faces and returns were powder-coated black.

reverse-lit channel letters before the cans are installed exposing the LEDsblack reverse-lit channel letters that read address number "1333"As you can see from the photo, the clear backs and LEDs are installed first. For the back, we use Lexan, a UL-listed polycarbonate. We use UL-listed materials for all of the components of the sign. The backs were stud mounted into the planter with 1″ spacers so there is room for the LEDs to shine. If they were mounted flush, you wouldn’t be able to see much of the illumination. The faces and returns are welded at the shop, and attached to the backer panels on-site.

We used white LEDs for this sign, but standard LEDs also come in blue, green, and red. We also offer RGB LEDs which are at a higher price point, but they can be set to a custom color, or even change colors. The channel letters themselves can be painted or powder coated to a custom color. Black is pretty standard, especially if the sign is going onto a lighter background, but we can also custom paint based on logo colors. You can provide us with a paint brand and color, or we can match any Pantone color.