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light brass doorbell panel with logo light brass doorbell panel with logoThere has been a lot of new housing opening in Los Angeles, which means we have been doing a lot of signage projects for apartment complexes. There are quite a few standard signs that are required such as unit number signs or exit signs, but depending on the client, there may be additional signs that they want to get to improve the tenants’ experience. Reeves Place is an apartment complex in Los Angeles, California. We worked with a long-time client of ours, Westside Contractors, and helped out with the signage on the project. One of the first signs we did on the project were these doorbell panels. Instead of just a plain doorbell outside of each unit, Reeves wanted something more customized so we made them panels with the apartment complex’s logo. A hole was cut out for the doorbells which were already installed before the installation of our panels.

light brass doorbell panel with logolight brass doorbell panel with logoLogos aren’t just for corporate offices or retail stores, apartments can also benefit greatly from branding. They used the same “R” used in the building sign, which will be featured in a future blog. The colors also match the other signage and interior of the complex so these signs needed to be brass and bronze. Instead of using real brass, we used acrylic with brass laminate faces. It is less expensive compared to solid brass, but it is still very durable. The logo was silkscreened in bronze, and we finished it off with a clear coat for longevity. For installation, we stud mounted the panels into the wall and other various doorbell locations.

It’s a pretty simple sign but does a lot to help personalize the complex and create a better experience for the tenants. Stay tuned for the rest of the signs we did for Reeves Place, which will definitely be featured in blogs going forward.