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aluminum dimensional letters on building aluminum dimensional letters on buildingDimensional letters are a simple yet effective way to display information. Dimensional letters are 3-dimensional letters that are routed or laser cut from a solid sheet of a substrate. There are many different material options, but our dimensional letters are typically either acrylic or aluminum, depending on whether we are making a colorful sign or a metal sign.

We have worked with Grafskoy Hindeloopen Limited, an architecture firm in Santa Barbara, California, on many projects where we handle signage. This building sign project was for an office building in Goleta, California. SLD Laser’s logo is typically two shades of blue to break up the words “SLD” and “LASER”, but the building already had the address number, “111” up in metal dimensional letters so we made these new letters in a similar style to match. All of the letters were routed from 1″ thick aluminum. “SLD” was powder coated gray metallic and “LASER” was powder coated silver metallic to show the differentiation of the words while keeping the metal look. The letters were mounted with 1/4″ spacers. Since the wall was not completely flat, mounting with spacers makes it easier to make sure that the letters are all aligned.

If you need to include different colors as SLD Laser did, we can powder coat or paint or paint the letters. There are other instances where we have used different finishes on aluminum to represent the differentiation of colors as we did for Richardson Ober’s sign in Pasadena. The squares in the logo were different shades of red so we represented the different shades by using a clear anodized finish, a brushed finish, an orbital finish, and a random arc finish. Each square was also installed using different spacers starting from 1/4″ to 1″.

No matter what your logo looks like, there are many ways that we can make your sign true to your logo if you need to make your colorful logo into a metal sign.