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Vaughn was the first conversion charter school in the nation and they have over 25 years of experience as an independent charter school. Earlier this year we blogged about the ADA signage we did for their Middle School for International Studies and Technology campus. We also did exterior signs for them which include a logo sign and award seal signs. Exterior signs require permitting which is why they can be completed at a later date from the ADA signage which are just interior.

All of the signs we made were installed on top of their multi-story building. The logo sign displays the name of the school. Building logo signs are important to all types of businesses whether you are a school, restaurant, office, or any other location where you may have visitors. If you are in a shopping plaza you will usually have designated storefront space for your signage, but if you have an entire building like Vaughn, you can put the sign anywhere on the building. The best placement is near the entrance where the sign can be seen from the street which is why this sign was installed at the top of the building. Typically, the sign should go on top of the building unless you have another designated space. This is a very large sign at over 50′ in width, and the letters are up to 61.6″ tall. Since we used the school color which is red, this sign is sure to do its job of identifying the building and advertising the school.

The award seal signs include signs that show that the school is a National Blue Ribbon School, and a California Distinguished School. If there are any certifications or awards that you want to advertise for your business, an exterior sign is a great way to do it. In the past we have also made banners for businesses that wanted to advertise more temporary achievements such as winning a category in a yearly competition.