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We did a few more signs for San Fernando Dental Care along with the halo lit channel letter sign and the non illuminated halo letter sign from the last blog. The first sign pictured is a front-lit channel letter sign. Since the channel letters would be illuminated from the front, we used an aluminum back and 3/16″ thick white acrylic for the faces. The returns are also made from aluminum and were painted black on the outside and high-reflective white on the inside for the white LEDs we installed. Although this channel letter sign is in the shade, the black returns create a shadow effect. The other two signs we made for them were for the company name and this channel letter sign is on the same side of the building as the halo lit channel letter sign that reads “San Fernando Valley Dental Care”. While the other sign displays the name of the company, this sign provides a little more detail about the business. Appealing to potential customers in your area is a good idea because people like to keep their business close to home or work, especially if they need to schedule a check-up with a dentist that they would need to most likely take time off of work for.

We also made two sets of address numbers for the two sides of the building so customers driving on either side of the street can locate the business. It is important to make sure that your business is easy to locate for customers who only have the address. In combination with the two channel letter signs displaying the name and dimensional letters that display the street number, customers should have no problem getting to their appointment on time. These dimensional letters were routed from black acrylic so they would stand out against the light color of the building wall. The acrylic dimensional letters were flush mounted individually onto the wall.

Lastly, we created a set of window graphics for two of their entrance doors. Especially for a big building like this one, it is a good idea to have clear wayfinding signage to help customers know where they need to go. The image and letters were cut from white vinyl which we applied to the outside of the doors.

Feel free to follow the links to our website to check out other channel letter signs and window graphics that we have made. If you are interested in having us assist you with your exterior signage, you can request a quote here.