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Having a sidewalk sign not only advertises to potential customers driving by, but also to consumers that happen to be walking by your business. Someone in a car might not have time to read all of the building signs in a plaza, however, this rolling podium stands out and catches attention. People in cars can take note that there is an auto body shop connected to Glendale Infiniti as they are driving by.

The sign gives the perfect amount of information; there is not a lot of time to read long sentences when you are focused on driving. In a short period of time, you can get information about the company name, what they do, where the location is and general contact information. They are also advertising 24 hours tow service through another company and there is a phone number provided for them also.

Network Auto Body Inc. already had a rolling podium that they needed a new face for. We digitally printed the logo and information onto vinyl vehicle wrap which we laminated with clear glossy vinyl. We applied the vinyl directly onto the existing podium.

The great thing about this rolling podium is that it is not stuck in one place like most exterior signs. It can be rolled anywhere so the company can position it strategically for optimal advertising,

There are many options for digitally printed graphics. We normally print directly onto vinyl which we can apply directly to a flat surface or apply to a backer which can be installed anywhere. Vinyl can also be applied onto windows and with window vinyl, you also have the option of perforated window vinyl and etched glass vinyl.

Perforated window vinyl is the material used for car window advertisements. From the outside all the consumer sees is the image, however, from the inside, the perforation makes sure that the driver can see through the window while driving. Perforated window vinyl can also be used for buildings if you would like a large image that will take up all or most of the window. This will prevent any sunlight from being blocked out.

Etched Vinyl is made to give windows and glass doors a frosted glass effect for a fraction of the cost. This is a great option for offices that need more privacy in between rooms or for creating subtle designs on your door or window. We can combine etched vinyl with regular vinyl for your logo or cut out your logo or company name to give your interior a professional look.

Follow this link to check out other work we’ve done with digitally printed vinyl. If you are interested in having vinyl work done, you can request a quote here.