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Making changes to your exterior signage along with the upkeep of LEDs in illuminated signs can seem stressful when your sign is installed at the top of a tall building. Luckily we can get the job done easily using our bucket truck and our skilled installers. Or, if the building is too high for our bucket truck, we can rent a lift. Our longtime customer, Viking River Cruises, had a compound channel letter box with a broken face that needed repairing. In addition, they want to remove part of their existing reverse channel letter sign.

To repair the channel letter box, we first uninstalled the logo box from the building and brought it back to our shop. We removed the existing Tuf Glas which is a strong sign material. Since it is a compound channel letter box, the face needs to be illuminated, so we used translucent vinyl so the LEDs can shine through. The ship was hand cut out of Tuf Glas and the red and black parts of the ship were cut out of cast translucent vinyl. This vinyl was then applied to the Tuf Glas. We then cut new trimcap, which was cut out into the shape of the box sign return. We rented a lift and installed the new box we made onto the same location where we had removed the previous one. We used the same box sign return that was already installed onto the building since it was only the face that was damaged.

Having your logo stand out is very important for brand recognition so you definitely do not want to keep a broken sign face up on your building. Broken faces or broken LEDs on a sign can give people a bad impression of your company. It can look like you don’t care about the business enough to fix it, or that the business is not doing well enough to fix it. Large building signs make a huge impression on existing and potential customers so it is important to keep them maintained.

The reverse channel letter sign which currently reads “Viking River Cruises” will be changed. They decided to change their company name to just “Viking Cruises” because they are now offering ocean cruises as well as river cruises.  It is important that your exterior signage reflects the change. Keep an eye out for future blogs when we talk about making and installing their new signage. Right now we are still in the permitting stages.

Along with repairs, we can make custom channel letter signs. Feel free to check out some photos of ones we have made in the past by following this link. If you’re interested in having a customer channel letter sign made, or you would like us to assist you with repairing your existing channel letter sign, you can request a quote here.