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Here is another sign we did for the Hustler Hollywood location in Bakersfield. This is a 96″ x 58″ illuminated box sign. This sign can also be called a front-lit channel letter box and the way it is made is very similar to a channel letter. The inside of the box sign is lined with white LEDs and the materials used on the face of the sign are translucent so the light can shine through.

Large illuminated signs like this are great for attracting customers to different parts of the store, especially if it is a part of the store that doesn’t get as much natural or fluorescent light. Since the sign catches the customer’s eye it is also a great opportunity for brand recognition. As you can see in the photo the right, the model in the image is wearing a hat with “Huster”, the company name, on it.

We printed the image Hustler provided to us onto translucent white vinyl, laminated it with clear glossy vinyl and applied it to a large piece of Tuf Glas which is a strong, translucent white sign substrate. The inside of the aluminum return is painted a high-reflective white for maximum illumination of the white LEDs and the outside of the return is painted black to match the black retainers we used to attach the face. The face of the sign is easily removable so we can come to do maintenance on the LEDs when and if needed. If you already have a sign with LEDs that needs repairing, we are more than happy to come to your location to help you get your sign back into optimum condition. Alternatively, we can also assist with LED retrofitting if you are looking to switch from your current fluorescent illuminated sign to an LED sign. Old fluorescent lights can have dark or light spots causing the image it is illuminating to look streaky. Switching to LEDs is a great way to save money in the long run and restore an existing illuminated sign.

Here is a closer photo of the sign. Just like the prints that were mentioned in the previous blog, this image was printed with a large format printer. Since the printer is large enough to imprint the image onto this large piece of vinyl we are able to produce this seamless print. We can print any image you want with any color you want for your signage needs.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about any of the services we mentioned. If you ‘re interested in getting a sign done, you can request a free quote here.