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In our previous blog I went over the replacement sign face we made for the roof sign of Colonial Coach Works along with the LED retrofitting we did to help them increase their electrical efficiency. To help them further with modernizing their exterior signage we also made new sign faces for their pole sign. We made six additional faces; one for either side of the pan formed sign and one for either side of the two smaller pole signs.

Pole signs or any signs positioned near the sidewalk are very important because they not only display information to potential customers driving or walking by, they also help any customers who might have found the company online find your location easily. The last thing you want to do is cause frustration to a new customer because they couldn’t figure out where they needed to go.

The pan formed faces that we replaced were made from painted clear polycarbonate. As you can see from the photos the lettering, the stripes, and the outline detail are embossed to give the sign extra dimension. We also repainted the pole itself to match the new sign faces and to cover up some graffiti that had been spray painted on.

The smaller pole signs were made similarly to the roof sign face mentioned in the previous blog. The lettering was cut out of black translucent vinyl and applied to 36″ x 36″ pieces of white Tuf Glas so the white you are seeing is the actual Tuf Glas. The retainers were also painted black to match the new logo colors.

From the before and after photos you can see that the new font style and font colors on the black background looks more modern compared to the faded sign that was yellowed due to sun damage. Reducing the information also helps the sign look cleaner. A lot of people will be driving by this sign and will only have a few seconds to read it. Only providing necessary information helps get rid of any clutter and provides more opportunity of gaining a new customer. They will remember the large sign along with the words “AUTO BODY” when they are need of this service.

Follow this link if you’re interested in seeing some more of our before and after photos. We handle design, fabrication, and installation in-house so the only thing you have to worry about is letting us know how you want the sign to look.

Feel free to contact us with any questions and you can request a quote here if you’re looking to get a sign made.