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TouchCommerce asked us to create a non-illuminated reverse channel letter sign for the front of their building.  These types of channel letters can also be called non-illuminated halo letters. They are hollow inside, which is where we would normally put the LEDs.

We painted the letters blue and orange, the colors of their logo. A lot of customers will research a company over the internet before actually visiting the location so if the sign matches the colors of the logo they saw on the website, it is easier to locate the business. Providing that level of recognition also greatly enhances the comfort of the customer. Touch Commerce opted for a non-illuminated channel letter sign, however, if you decide on illuminated channel letters there are a few options.

Front lit channel letters– The face of the channel letter is made from a material that LEDs can shine through. You can choose from UL listed acrylic that is already a specific color or we can digitally print any color of your choice onto translucent vinyl and apply it to clear acrylic. The returns which are the side of the channel letters are kept opaque and can be painted any color. LEDs are installed into the back of the channel letter to illuminate just the front of the channel letters.

Reverse lit channel letters– These can also be called halo lit channel letters. The face and returns are opaque and the LEDs are installed inside the channel letter behind the face. For the back, we use a very strong, clear polycarbonate for the LEDs to shine through. When the sign is mounted we use standoffs so they are not flush to the wall. This way the light will shine onto the wall and create a halo effect around the letters.

Compound channel letters– This is a combination of a front-lit channel letter and a reverse lit channel letter. The faces are translucent and the back is clear. We install a second backer in between the face and the polycarbonate backer. The aluminum backer in the middle has one color of LEDs on the front and another color behind it. These channel letters are also mounted with standoffs so while the front of the letters are illuminated one color, there is a halo around them of another color.

For more details about compound channel letters, you can read our blog about one of the signs we made for Chronic Tacos. You can also follow this link to check out some more channel letters we’ve made.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. If you’re interested in having channel letters made for your business, you can request a free quote here.