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A great way to decorate your office using the space you already have is the use of vinyl graphics. For this pediatric dentistry office, we cut out a wave design on etched vinyl for each window and applied it from the inside. We also cut out the logo along with a description of the company, the names of the dentists, the website, and the phone number from white vinyl and applied on the outside of the window.

Window graphics are an affordable way to advertise your business and provide information to consumers walking by. If you would like to add or remove information or if any of your company information changes, like your logo or your phone number, we are more than happy to assist you with removal and installation of new vinyl.

Etch vinyl is very popular among offices. Instead of actually etching, cutting or sandblasting the glass, you can use vinyl. It’s not permanent and can be removed without damaging the glass. The vinyl is also very thin so it gives the illusion that the glass was treated with frosting at the factory at a fraction of the cost. As you can see from the photos, before the etch vinyl was applied to the front window anyone driving by or walking outside could see inside where the patient was sitting. Now the patients and employees have more privacy and the design gives the room a better atmosphere. Etch vinyl is is an affordable alternative to frosted glass and can help bring privacy to your office or privacy in between rooms.

Let’s say you have an office with many glass walls and glass doors. While the glass is a good barrier that will soften noise but still let natural light flow through the office, there is no privacy between rooms. You don’t have to sacrifice the amount of natural light the room receives or the aesthetics of the space by putting up blinds, simply adjust the level of privacy using etch vinyl. You can cover the doors and windows from top to bottom or just half, like this pediatric dentistry office.

Etch vinyl can also be used for decoration. Incorporating an etch pattern with your logo on regular vinyl can give your wall or door is a great form of decoration and brand recognition.

Follow this link to see more examples of etched vinyl and window graphics we have made, along with some custom wall graphics.

If you’re interested in incorporating window graphics or etch vinyl to your business, you can request a quote by clicking here.