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In 2013 we created and installed an indoor lobby sign for Rentrak. In January 2016 they changed their name and logo due to re-branding so they asked us to remove the existing dimensional letter sign and create an install a new lobby sign. Re-branding refers to the process of a visual change to a company’s signage that can also hint at a change in the internal workings of the company as well. Companies change their logo and sometimes their name during this process. In this case, the name of the company was changed to comScore, the font was changed, and the logo was changed slightly. The changes can be very subtle in some cases depending on the company and simply involve a slight modification in the font style or the color shade of the logo.

They had been very happy with the existing sign and asked us to essentially make the new interior wall sign the same way. We cut out the logo and dimensional letters from 1/2″ thick brushed finished stainless steel to give the dimensional letters the professional look they were looking for. The edges of each piece were bead-blasted to give it more texture and individually mounted with standoffs to create a shadow and to give the interior wall sign more visual appeal. Before installing the new sign we also patched and lightly painted the area where we removed the old lobby sign. Whether you are changing your logo or moving to a new location, we are with you every step of the way. We are more than happy to assist you with removing your existing sign, repairing the area, and designing, fabricating and installing a new sign for you.

Dimensional letters are a great option for lobby signs because we can route out any font you desire and create a 3D version of your logo exactly how you designed it. There are also many options for materials and colors you can choose from. If acrylic is not made in the color of your logo, we can digitally print the color for you. Office lobby signs are a great way to make your lobby or reception area look more professional and all of our signs are custom made to ensure your sign is made exactly how you envisioned it. Check out other office and lobby signs we have made here. If you’re interested in having us assist you in creating an interior sign for your office, you can request a quote by clicking here.