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The prints pictured in this blog are applied to a backer before being adhered to the wall, however, vinyl can also be applied directly onto a flat wall or on windows. Window graphics are a great way to make your storefront stand out and to easily convey what it is your business specializes in. We can digitally print and cut out your logo or a message or use perforated window vinyl to cover the entire area of the window. Perforated vinyl is a great way to use space that you already have to advertise because allows anyone from inside to see outside but anyone looking in only sees the image. You can attract potential customers without sacrificing the natural light your establishment receives.

The Hustler Hollywood location in St. Augustine, Florida asked us to replace 6 of their existing interior graphics and make 3 new ones. The 3 new prints pictured above and to the right were made by digitally printing the image onto white vinyl with our large format printer. The images are then laminated with clear glossy vinyl and adhered to a 3mm sibond board. Sibond is made from two sheets of aluminum that are bonded to a plastic core. It is durable, lightweight, and ideal for digital printing and mounting. The prints were mounted to the wall with VHB and silicone which are strong adhesives.

The replacement prints were made differently because Hustler Hollywood wanted them to be similar to the original prints. Two of them are pictured below. The fabrication process is very similar to the new ones we made, the only difference is the backer that was used. Instead of using sibond we adhered the vinyl images to black ultra board.

We have created digital prints previously for Hustler Hollywood to assist them with the interior signage of their other locations in West CovinaBakersfield, and Hollywood. You can follow the links to read our previous blogs.

Follow this link to check out other custom wall and window graphics that we have made. If you’re interested in getting some large format prints done, you can request a quote by clicking here.