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West Valley Optometry needed new faces for their illuminated box signs. This type of sign can also be called an illuminated box cabinet. They are made with aluminum returns and sign acrylic on the front. The hollow box shape allows for an installation of a lighting source that makes the sign stand out after dark. The front of the sign is large enough to not only display the company’s name and logo but also other information if desired. West Valley Optometry already had two box cabinet signs that were side by side, one to display their logo and company name and the other to advertise their services. Since they already had the two existing box signs we digitally printed the logo and company name onto one piece of translucent vinyl and “Family Eye Care Specialists” on another. We adhered the vinyl onto white Tuf Glas and installed the sign faces for them. We have a bucket truck that makes it easy for us to reach the top of buildings to install exterior signs that you wouldn’t normally be able to reach.

Tuf Glas is a brand of strong translucent sign material and we chose to use it because it comes on large rolls. One sign face needed to be about 30′ wide and the other about 20′. The widest regular sign acrylic comes in is 10′ so if we used regular acrylic we could have needed to use multiple pieces which would cause seams on the sign face. Using Tuf Glas we were able to use just one piece for each sign face for a clean, seamless display. Tuf Glas is also stronger than regular acrylic so it will not crack as easily if something were to hit the sign face.

Another substrate option is Lexan which is a strong polycarbonate. We use Lexan for the back of our reverse channel letters, however, we use Tuf Glas for sign faces because it will not yellow over time from UV rays as Lexan does. Lexan is stronger than Tuf Glas which is why we use it when it will not be exposed to sunlight. We also serviced the boxes which included new bulbs and transformers. Now the signs can be visible during the day and illuminated at night time.

Follow this link to check out other signs that we have installed or repaired. We also have some before and after photos of existing signs that have updated.

If you are interested in getting some new sign faces or if you have an illuminated sign that needs LED retrofitting or repair, you can request a quote here.