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Box signs have a lot of space where you can include all of the information desired so it is a popular option for exterior building signs. You can fit your company name, logo, address, phone number, website, and services all on one piece of material to be displayed above your entrance. A lot of buildings also already have the retainers for box sign like this building that Cartridge Warehouse International asked us to create new sign faces for.

With box cabinet signs you have the option of an illuminated box sign or a non-illuminated box sign. An illuminated exterior sign is more optimal for a business that is open after sunset like a restaurant or a retail store. Cartridge Warehouse International wanted non-illuminated signs so we digitally printed the information they wanted onto white vinyl, laminated it with clear glossy vinyl, and applied it to 48″ x 96″ pieces of 3mm sibond which is a lightweight material that is great for attaching digital prints. We attached black retainers to the edges of the sibond faces to install them onto the returns which were already attached to the building.

Since the outdoor signs did not need to be illuminated at all we used opaque material. For an illuminated box sign, we would have normally used sign acrylic, which is translucent because it is made to be used for illuminated signs, and translucent vinyl. An illuminated box cabinet sign or an illuminated box sign can also be called a front-lit channel letterbox. The way they are made is very similar to front lit channel letters, the main difference is that the returns and faces are just rectangular or square shapes instead of individual letters.

Although box shapes are most common for channel letterboxes, a great way to create brand recognition is to have one made in the shape of your logo. We can form the returns to any shape because we make them from aluminum and we can cut out any shape for the face with our router. Then we would just digitally print the logo onto translucent vinyl and attach it to the acrylic to be illuminated outside of your business.

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