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Mt. Gilead Baptist Church already had an existing post and panel sign, however, only a small section of the frame was being utilized. The existing exterior sign was not giving the impression they wanted to passersby so they asked us to create and install new faces for all four sections. We made a total of 4 panels; two for the logo and contact information and two smaller faces for the schedule. It is a good idea to have a separate panel for the schedule information in case anything changes or needs to be added on. This way the whole face will not need to be replaced.

Post and panel signs need to draw the attention of people that are passing by so the color combination is very important. As you can see from the photos, the dark blue against the white background creates a contrast to the message of the exterior sign can be read in the sunlight and in the shade. Since we cut the lettering from vinyl, any font can be used and any color can be digitally printed. This is a great branding opportunity because you can use the business colors and font.

Since the people you want to attract will be reading the sign will mostly be driving by, you want to make sure that the right information catches the most attention. The cross stands out because it is a different color than the vinyl lettering and “Baptist Church” is very prominent along with the name so if the person reading the sign is interested in attending a new church, they will most likely look up more information online. The schedule is helpful for existing attendees in case the church is closed and they need to double check information.

The vinyl lettering and logo were applied to a piece of white vinyl which was the size of the panel and we laminated everything with clear glossy vinyl. For the backer, we used sibond which is a lightweight material made from two pieces of aluminum with a polycarbonate core. We use sibond for many jobs including the digital prints we made for Hustler Hollywood. Feel free to follow the links to check out the digital prints we made for the locations in West CovinaBakersfield, and Hollywood.

We also restored eight post and panel signs for Forest Lawn Mortuary which was made a little different than these post and panel sign faces. Here is the blog post for more details and some before and after photos. If you’re interested in getting a post and panel sign done, you can request a free quote here.