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Vista Ford asked us to create an indoor aluminum lobby sign for their reception area. Their existing interior sign was a set of metal dimensional letters that read “VISTA” in sans serif font and they wanted something more eye-catching and modern.

The first step was to remove the existing dimensional letters. Whether you need an old sign removed for a new one or if you need to simply move your existing sign to a different location, we can assist with removal, re-installation, and patching and painting if necessary. The existing lobby sign had been adhered to the wall with silicone, which is a strong adhesive, so we needed to try to remove it without leaving ing trace of the old adhesive. Once the old interior lobby sign was removed we installed their new aluminum dimensional letters.

All of the dimensional letters and the logo were cut from 1/4″ thick horizontally brushed aluminum. Indoor business signs are a great way to make your lobby area look professional; the brushed aluminum is a very popular choice because it gives a very polished look to the indoor wall sign. The aluminum dimensional letters we made were also larger than the previous one so it looked more grand and suited the aesthetic of the reception area.

When a customer walks into Vista Ford, the first thing they do is check in with the receptionist. Along with the customer service they receive they are taking in the aesthetics of the interior. A professional looking sign with a nice message will encourage a customer to do business there. It will give them the feeling that this establishment cares about aesthetics and quality and they will help you choose a quality car.

When it comes to Corporate Identity, your logo is the visual symbol which communicates who you are and what you deliver. It is how your customers recognize your company. Resource 4 Signs wants to ensure that your identity stands tall and communicates your message.

We offer a wide variety of styles and materials for office and lobby signs. We produce signs with bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, acrylic, and much more.

We specialize in making sure your business has a strong visual presence once your clients, employees, and visitors walk through the door.

Follow this link to check out other office lobby signs that we have made. If you’re interested in improving the interior of your office or reception area with a new indoor lobby sign, you can request a free quote here.