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We have worked with a countless number of Supercuts stores to assist them with many different types of signage. A store in Toluca Lake, California needed a channel letter sign for their storefront. We have made many channel letter signs for Supercuts stores and there are a lot of different choices regarding how they’re made and installed. Each channel letter sign can be a little different depending on what the landlord requires, what the city requires, what the customer wants and the facade of the building.

This is a raceway mounted front lit channel letter sign. Raceway mounted means that instead of installing and wiring each letter individually, they are attached to a raceway first and wired within the raceway. We attached the letters to the raceway in our shop, so at the time of installation the channel letters all we need to do is install the raceway and hook it up to the electricity.

Working with the Facade

In cases where the wall does not accommodate to individual mounting, raceways are a great option. As you can see, there was not enough room to fit the whole channel letter sign onto the building unless we made the channel letters very small. Sometimes we will paint the raceway to match the color of the wall but in this case, we painted it white since it was going to be attached underneath where the wall ended.

These are front lit channel letters so the letters are illuminated internally. The back of each letter is made from aluminum and that is where we attach the LEDs. We used red LEDs for this sign to increase the impact of the iconic company color. The returns which are the sides of the letters are also made of aluminum. The outside is painted black and the inside is painted with high-reflective white to increase the intensity of the LED illumination.

The faces are put on last and they are made so they can be removed in case any of the faces or the LEDs on the inside need to be repaired. The face itself is made from red sign acrylic and we attach trimcaps to the edges to fit the faces onto the returns. We used black trimcaps to match the returns and to create a slight border around each letter.

The channel letter sign came out great and will do a great job attracting attention from new and existing customers. Repeating the same color and font for all of your advertising is a great way to create brand recognition. If you are interested in getting a custom channel letter sign made for your business, you can request a quote here.