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The two main types of office lobby signs we make are signs with a backer and without a backer. A backer refers to a piece of acrylic that we attach the company name and logo onto. The whole backer is then applied to the wall as one piece with standoffs so it floats off of the wall. Here are a few examples of non-illuminated lobby signs with backers.

All acrylic– The backer and everything on it is made from acrylic. We route the desired shape out of a piece of acrylic and apply it directly to the backer. We painted the logo and the lettering the company colors. Acrylic comes in many thicknesses and colors so it is a great choice of material for your office lobby sign. If the acrylic doesn’t come in your logo color, we can paint or digitally print it.





Digitally printed logo– We applied etched vinyl on the 2nd surface (the back side) of the backer to give it a frosted glass effect. We apply the vinyl to the back so we can still apply the letters and logo to the front.

“PACIFIC POINT” is made from painted blue acrylic and “ASSET MANAGEMENT” is black acrylic. Instead of using all acrylic for the logo, it is a laminated digital print on vinyl that we applied onto an oval piece of acrylic.




Dimensional logo– To give the logo extra dimension, each of the squares is a separate piece of painted acrylic and the “C” and “W” are dimensional letters painted white that are applied on top.

Being creative with the construction of the 3D logo can result in a very visually appealing interior sign using only acrylic and paint.




Colored backer– The acrylic backer doesn’t always need to be clear. For Hank’s Tires, we started with a translucent bronze piece of acrylic and rounded corners. Instead of applying etched vinyl to the whole backside, we cut out the shape of a tire tread. The dimensional letters are made from brown acrylic and the underline is gold acrylic.




Aluminum laminate faces– We digitally printed the logo onto vinyl and applied it onto a piece of acrylic that we cut out into the shape of the logo. “WASHINGTON” and the red stripe is painted acrylic but “WEALTH MANAGEMENT” is clear acrylic with a vertically brushed aluminum laminate.

If you want a metal look to your dimensional letters without making them from metal, we can laminate the faces with aluminum. Along with plain aluminum, there are choices of horizontally brushed and vertically brushed aluminum faces.

Even within lobby signs with aluminum backers, there are many different choices. Within the next few weeks, I will be going over other categories of lobby signs. Follow this link to check out more office and lobby signs we have made. If you’re interested in getting a lobby sign made for your office, you can request a free quote here.