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In a previous blog, I discussed the different options of lobby signs with acrylic backers. Another popular option is the application of dimensional letters directly onto the wall.

Dimensional letters refer to letters that we make individually that come in many different materials, shapes, sizes, and colors. Since the spacing of the letters is adjustable, you can control how much space the indoor lobby sign takes up. Here are a few examples of dimensional letter signs.

Acrylic dimensional letters– We routed each letter out of 1/2″ acrylic and then painted each letter the requested color. If the acrylic doesn’t come in the color you wish to use for your office sign, we can always paint it for you.

We mounted the acrylic dimensional letters flush against the wooden part of the wall, however, the thickness of the lettering along with the interesting style of the wall gives the painted acrylic lobby sign a lot of dimension.

Metal Letters– Metallic dimensional letters are popular among offices to give lobbies, conference rooms, and reception areas a polished, professional look.

These dimensional letters were cut from 1/4″ aluminum. To create more visual appeal, the faces were horizontally brushed and we mounted them with studs to create dramatic shadow and dimension.

The longer the standoffs are the stronger shadow it will create, therefore creating the illusion of a larger area being covered.




The dimensional letter sign is also stud mounted. The combination of the black acrylic and the shadows caused by the standoffs gives this interior business sign a very dramatic look.

There are also a few options for the aluminum laminates for the faces. They can be horizontally brushed, vertically brushed or have polished aluminum faces like the dimensional letter sign pictured on the left.

These dimensional letters are thicker than the ones in the previous photo. For these, we used 1/2″ black acrylic with polished aluminum faces. The letters are mounted flush, however, the thickness and color of the acrylic creates a lot of dimension.

Acrylic dimensional letters with logo– You can easily incorporate your logo with the dimensional letters in your lobby sign. To make sure the silhouettes of the camera crew did not take away from the company name, we cut it out of very thin gray acrylic and mounted it flush on the wall.

“MAK” is thicker, it is 1/2″ thick black acrylic and we stud mounted it in front of the silhouette of the crew to make it stand out.

The bar at the bottom reads “PICTURES” and it is made from two pieces of black acrylic. The piece on the front has the letters and the border routed out and the piece on the back has white vinyl applied to it so the letters and border are white05

These are just a few of the many possibilities for your indoor lobby sign. Follow this link to check out other office and lobby signs we’ve made. If you’re interested in contacting us to create a new office lobby sign for your business, you can request a free quote by clicking here.