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In earlier blogs, I went over the two main types of lobby signs we make which are dimensional letters and lobby signs with acrylic backers. Whichever style you decide to go with, we can illuminate the sign using LEDs.

A lobby sign is one of the first pieces of corporate identity signage that your customer sees so having a beautifully illuminated sign in your office makes a great impression. Here are a few different illuminated lobby signs that we have made.

Reverse Illuminated Dimensional Letters

The LEDs are installed inside and since the back is made from Lexan, a clear sign acrylic, the LEDs create a halo effect against the wall around each letter and the logo.

As you can see, the dimensional letters for Total Merchant Services have a larger halo than the other two lobby signs. This is because the LEDs were installed facing outward instead of inward. This option gives you the ability to adjust the intensity of the illumination.


Reverse Illuminated Backer

You are not limited to just one color LED, for the Friedman Dentistry lobby sign we used two sets of LEDs. White to illuminate the entire backer and blue for the stripe. We did this by installing a strip of blue LEDs just behind a blue acrylic push through and installed the white LEDs facing the wall. The backer is acrylic with a brushed aluminum laminate face.

Feel free to check out other lobby signs we have made by following this link. Whether or not you want an illuminated lobby sign, we made custom office and lobby signs to help your business look great. If you are interested in some interior signage for your office, you can request a quote here.