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Earlier this year we assisted Janette Pinedo D.D.S. & Associates, Inc. in Torrance, California with their interior office signage. This included etched window and door graphics, logo mats, and a lobby sign.

Her office design was so impressive that it was recently featured on Off the Cusp, a website that serves as an educational resource for dental professionals. You can follow this link to read the article. You can also see the lobby sign we made in the gallery featured on Patterson Today. Patterson is the office designer that Dr. Janette Pinedo worked with.

Good interior office design is very important to enhance customer experience. A lobby sign is very important because it is the first thing your customer sees. When it comes to corporate identity, your logo is the visual symbol that communicates who you are as a business and what you deliver. It is also how your customers recognize your company so you want to make sure that your identity stands tall and communicates your message.

We offer a wide variety of styles and materials for office and lobby signs. This lobby sign is a dimensional letter lobby sign. The logo and letters are cut from brushed aluminum which we mounted with stand-offs. As you can see from the photo the lettering is not very thick, however since they were mounted to float off of the wall, the shadow creates a lot of dimension that you wouldn’t normally have if the letters were attached directly onto the wall.

Brushed aluminum is a very popular material choice for lobby signs because it gives you a very polished, professional look. The metallic silver also looks great against the wall color in the background.

We also added etch vinyl to her doors and windows along with some etch vinyl graphics to the interior windows. Etch vinyl can serve a lot of purposes and can be used in different ways. The etch vinyl on the doors create privacy between the rooms and we also cut out the logo to create more brand recognition.

 For the windows, we cut out her business name and a message directing customers to the entrance to help new customers locate the business. A few etch vinyl logo graphics were also cut out to be applied throughout the office onto the exterior and interior windows.

Follow this link to check out other lobby signs we’ve made. If you are interested in having a lobby sign made for your business, you can request a quote here.