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If you’ve been keeping up with our blogs you’ll see there’s a pattern with the signs we make for Hustler Hollywood. Each store has a set of large digital prints and one large box sign. They had just opened a new store in Phoenix, Arizona so after the digital prints, we got started on the illuminated box sign. They wanted a 92″ x 120″ box sign with no visible seam and no overlap. We digitally printed the top half of the image onto one piece of translucent vinyl and the bottom half onto another.

Seamless Application

First, we adhered the two pieces of vinyl side by side onto the sign material. The image looked fine, however, once it was illuminated you could clearly see a white seam.

Next, we tried overlapping the edges of the images. This is what we would normally do for a large graphic that needed to be printed in parts, however when illuminated it created a dark seam due to the extra material in the middle.

Finally, we decided to use translucent fabric material instead of the translucent vinyl we had been using and we were able to get a seamless display. Although we ran into some issues, we kept trying and using different methods to make sure the sign looked exactly like Hustler Hollywood wanted it to.

We also made the illuminated box sign frame in-house. The returns, which are the sides of the box, are made from black aluminum. The inside is painted white to increase the illumination from the LEDs and the LEDs are installed inside.

On the edges of the box sign face which is the large image, we attached black retainers to match the returns. The retainers allow it so we can remove the sign face easily in case we need to change the image in the future or repaid the LEDs.

Illuminated box signs can be installed inside or outside of your business and they are great for displaying a lot of information or large high-quality images. They create an unmatched visual impact through back-lighting white or colored translucent graphics. Lightbox displays produce bright, vivid colors that are sure to grab the attention of anyone going by, making them a great way to highlight your products and services.

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If you’re interested in getting an interior or an exterior box sign made for your business, you can request a quote here.