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Indoor Office Signage

Offices require a lot of interior signage. Not only wall signs like lobby signs, but also ID signs and general wayfinding signs for employees. Viking Cruises in Woodland Hills, California is a long time customer with us and we frequently assist them with their office signage. We recently made a large number of indoor signs for them which included 72 cubicle signs, 15 office ID signs, 12 new acrylic inserts for the existing office ID signs, and a few “Trash” and “Recycle” signs.

In order to keep with the theme of the interior decor, we make all of the office IDs the same way every time. The backer is a piece of 3mm sibond with a brushed aluminum finish that we attach directly onto the wall. Sibond is a material we use frequently for many different signs. It is made from two pieces of aluminum with a polyethylene core which makes it lightweight and ideal for mounting. We also attach a piece of galvanized steel onto each backer.

Making the Nameplates

Each nameplate is made from vinyl on acrylic which has a magnet attached to it. If we ever need to change the text or anything else on the nameplate, we can leave the backer attached to the wall and just remove the magnetically attached nameplate. This makes it so we don’t have to damage the wall and repair it every time we need to change information on the sign.

ID signs give your office a professional and organized look while helping employees locate their coworkers. Along with the office ID signs we made acrylic signs to label each cubicle. For these, we started with a piece of clear acrylic that we attached white vinyl to the backside to create a border.

The clear acrylic was attached to a piece of black acrylic using thick double sided tape so there would be room in-between the two pieces of acrylic to insert text. This provides for easy changes which is very useful for a large office.

From large building signs to room ID signs, Resource 4 Signs can help you with your office signage needs. We can also provide signage with Braille and raised text for buildings that need to meet ADA compliance. You can check out some of the ADA signs we have made here.

If you are interested in having us help you with your office signage, you can request a quote here.