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Different sizes of dimensional letters can really impact the final look of your office lobby sign. The size and thickness of the material is something that we pay very close attention to when designing your interior signs.

Appropriate Thickness

Our longtime customer, Forest Lawn Memorial Park & Mortuaries, needed a new lobby sign for their City of Industry office. For all of the letters, we used 3/8″ flat cut aluminum that we anodized gold. We chose this thickness because it would look good cut into large dimensional letters but not look chunky for the smaller letters that read “FUNERALS”, “CREMATIONS”, and “CEMETERIES” which are only 2″ tall.

The 1″ letters at the very bottom were too small to make into dimensional letters so we digitally printed the gold color onto car wrap material and laminated it with clear, glossy vinyl. We then cut the letters out and attached them directly onto the wall.

There are a lot of options when it comes to the style and material of your lobby sign. Even with aluminum dimensional letters you can leave the faces polished like this wall sign, or have horizontally or vertically brushed faces. We can even anodize or paint the dimensional letters to make sure that you get the exact color you had in mind.


When it comes to installing your dimensional letter sign we can either attach them flush to the wall or mount them with stand-offs so they float off of the wall. This method is used when you want to create a lot of extra dimension. As you can see from the photos, these dimensional letters are mounted flush to the wall, however, they still have a lot of dimension and shadow due to the thickness of the aluminum.

You can see the definition in the smaller letters better than the larger letters because the material doesn’t look as spread out. The font that you use can also change the look severely. The characters at the bottom use more rounded shapes compared to the other letters that have a lot of sharpness to them.

From material type, color, size, and shape, we are visual communication experts that can help you design your custom sign exactly how you imagined it.

Feel free to visit our website to check out other kinds of lobby signs we make. There are many style choices for your lobby sign which include dimensional letters, lobby signs with acrylic backers, and illuminated signs.

If you’re interested in having a lobby sign made for your business, you can request a quote here.